This endpoint creates a void.


The Void Endpoint is applicable to both EU and US Acquiring Merchants.


Voiding a Sale Containing Enhanced Data

If you need to void a sale originally created with values in the enhanced data object you will need to include the enhanced data object in the void request as well.

You can run a Void when you need to cancel a sale that has not been settled yet or an authOnly.

  • To void a sale you need to provide the SaleGuid or SaleReferenceNumber that you received when you ran the Sale.
  • To void an authOnly you need to provide the AuthOnlyGuid or AuthOnlyReferenceNumber that you received when you ran the authOnly.
  • Voiding the sale will void the ITC and terminate the VC (preventing any new authorizations on the VC)

Applicable to EU Merchants only: Partial voids on a sale will appear in the form of a partial return.

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