This endpoint creates a void.


The Void Endpoint is applicable to both EU and US Acquiring Merchants. Partial Voids are managed differently in the EU. See EU Merchants Only section below for additional information.


Voiding a Sale Containing Enhanced Data

If you need to void a sale originally created with values in the enhanced data object you will need to include the enhanced data object in the void request as well.

You can run a Void when you need to cancel a sale that has not been settled yet (for US merchants only) or an authOnly. To void a sale you need to provide the SaleGuid or SaleReferenceNumber that you received when you ran the Sale. To void an authOnly you need to provide the AuthOnlyGuid or AuthOnlyReferenceNumber that you received when you ran the authOnly.


EU Merchants Only

A void of sale/return/capture operations can only be transmitted within 24 hours of the original transaction.

A partial void can only occur on authorized transactions that have not been captured yet. Partial voids on a transaction processed by the Create Sale endpoint will appear in the form of a partial return (Need to verify in settlement testing)

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