The API uses basic authentication by adding the username and password in the auth header as Base64 encoded string appended to the text "Basic". The Chargeback system requires merchant specific API credentials be created separately from your normal ConnexPay CRM user.

API Reference

IDConnexPay specific ID
UUIDProcessor specific Identifier
FileIDConnexPay specific ID that identifies which file this chargeback came in on
MerchantIDThe ID of the Merchant
ArnThe ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) of the chargeback. If there are multiple chargebacks or chargeback events associated with the same transaction/chargeback, they will all have the same Arn (but different Case Numbers).
CaseNumberThe Case Number of the chargeback
AmountAmount of the chargeback
RecordTypePossible values are Blank or R
CaseTypeRecord descriptor for the case. See Ref CaseTypes for a list of available types and descriptions.
ReasonCodeReason Code and Reason Description go hand in hand. See Ref ReasonCodes for a list of available types and descriptions.
ReasonDescriptionSee Reason Code section above
CardBrand1 - Visa
2 - MasterCard
3 - Discover
4 - American Express
5 - PayPal
TransactionCode05 - Credit
06 - Debit
ResolutionToResolution To indicates the party responsible for responding to a specific case. As a chargeback transitions through its various states, new cases (related by FamilyId) are created with specific Resolution To values indicating the party responsible for acting.

M - means the merchant is responsible for responding to the current case

B - means the bank is responsible for responding to the current case

S - means the chargeback has been resolved to split, meaning a partial credit has been issued

G - means the case has been moved to the general ledger and is likely being offset by another duplicate or related chargeback
TransactionDateDate of the original transaction (not the date of the chargeback)
LoadDateThe date the chargeback was loaded in to the system
PostDateThe date the chargeback was posted in to the system
ResolvedDateThe date the chargeback was resolved
FamilyIdAka, Chargeback Id, this Id groups chargeback data together into a “family” of related cases for a given chargeback.
HasImageIndicates if there is supporting documentation for the particular chargeback
HasResponseIndicates if the chargeback has been responded to
ImageFileUrlThe URL of the image file containing the supporting documentation of the chargeback
CreatedDate and time record was created in database
OrderNumberOrder number submitted with the original transaction. This is what most clients will want to use to tie the chargeback in their system
DueDateThis is when the chargeback needs to be responded to based on the chargeback rules about time to respond
NetPositionThe total of debits and credits for a particular Chargeback.
WinLossThe Win / Loss is defined by how your bank account is impacted by referring mainly to the Net Position.


Case Types

Case Types identify the various phases of a chargeback dispute. Each phase is represented by a new case that relates back to a given chargeback.

1First ChargebackFC
2Second ChargebackSC
3First ReversalFR
4Second ReversalSR
9Visa Pre ArbVPA
17Amex RetrievalAR
18Amex ChargebackAC
19Amex ReversalARV
22Allocation ReversalALRV
23Collaboration ReversalCLRV
24Collaboration Pre ArbCPA
11Disc RetrievalDR
12Disc ChargebackDSC
13Disc ReversalDSR
14Disc PreArbDSPA
15Disc Incoming Dispute ArbDSID
16Disc PreArb/Arb DebitDSPD

Reason Codes

Reason codes identify the reason for the dispute. Each of the major card brands, including Visa, Mastercard, and others, have their own system of reason codes.

10.1EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit FraudVisa
10.2EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit FraudVisa
10.3Other Fraud - Card-Present EnvVisa
10.4Other Fraud - Card-Absent EnvVisa
10.5Visa Fraud Monitoring ProgramVisa
11.1Card Recovery BulletinVisa
11.2Declined AuthVisa
11.3No AuthVisa
12.1Late PresentmentVisa
12.2Incorrect Transaction CodeVisa
12.3Incorrect CurrencyVisa
12.4Incorrect Account NumberVisa
12.5Incorrect AmountVisa
12.7Invalid DataVisa
12.6Dup Process/Paid by Other MeansVisa
13.1Merch/Svc Not RecdVisa
13.2Cancelled Recurring TransactionVisa
13.3Not as Described or Defective MerchVisa
13.4Counterfeit MerchVisa
13.6Credit Not ProcessedVisa
13.7Cancelled Merch/SvcVisa
13.8Orig Credit Transaction Not AcceptedVisa
13.9Non-Receipt of Cash or LoadVisa
4808Auth related chargebackMastercard
4812Account Number Not on fileMastercard
4841Cancelled Recurring or Dig GoodsMastercard
4853Cardholder DisputesMastercard
4854Cardholder Disputes-Not elsewhere classifiedMastercard
4855Goods or Services Not ProvidedMastercard
4837No Cardholder AuthMastercard
4840Fraudulent Processing of TransactionMastercard
4849Questionable Merchant ActivityMastercard
4863Cardholder Does Not Recognize/Potential FruadMastercard
4870Chip Liability ShiftMastercard
4871Chip/PIN Liability Shift-Lost/Stolen/Never Recd Issue FraudMastercard
4831incorrect Trans AmountMastercard
4834Point of Interaction - POIMastercard
4842Late PresentmentMastercard
4846Incorrect Currency CodeMastercard
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