The Sale transaction is used to create a sale for your consumer. You can create a credit sale, an ACH sale or a Cash sale. A credit sale will charge a consumer's credit card. The consumer's credit card will be authorized immediately when the Sales request is received and will automatically settle/batch that same night. In other words, this one Sale request is just like running an AuthOnly and a Capture in one request.

You can postpone charging the consumer's credit card by providing a date in the 'ActivationDate' of your request. Doing so will delay the authorization and charge to the consumer's credit card until that future date.

An ACH sale will create an ACH transaction that will debit the consumer's bank account. ACH sales received prior to 3:00 PM EST will process overnight. ACH Sales received after 3:00 PM EST will process the following night.

A cash sale will deduct funds from your cash balance. If you are issuing virtual cards that are funded by cash rather than by a credit or ACH sale, you aren't required to create a sale prior to issuing the virtual card. We offer options for funding virtual cards. If you aren't sure which scenario applies to you, please contact your client support representative.

For information on 3D Security on sales, please see here: 3D Secure Sales

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