Voids allow you to effectively terminate the sale as if it never happened. When a full void occurs, no money is moved between any of the parties involved in the sale transaction.

Full Voids

A full void means the entire transaction is essentially terminated. The cardholder will not see a settled transaction on their statement.

Quick notes on full voids:

  • When a full void occurs, the ITC is terminated, prohibiting any VCs from being issued from that ITC going forward.
  • No DM (Daily Margin) is paid on full voids
  • You can not reverse a full void - once it’s done you would need to reauthorize the card if the void was a mistake.
  • Full voids can be performed in the CXP Portal

Partial Voids

A partial void will essentially “put back” that amount onto the customer’s credit card - returning the amount of the partial void to not impact the cardholder’s open to buy. For example, if you process a sale for $100, but it should have been $80, you can call the /void route with “Amount”:”20.00” to void $20 of the $100.

Quick notes on partial voids:

  • When a partial void occurs, the ITC is not automatically terminated like it is in a full void.
  • You can not reverse a partial void - once it’s done you would need to reauthorize the card if the partial void was a mistake.
  • You can do multiple partial voids
  • You can also do multiple partial voids and then do a full void if you just need to void the remaining amount
  • Partial voids can also be accomplished in Bridge.

Technical Implementation

Partial voids can be performed by including an "Amount" in your payload when you call the Void route:

  "DeviceGuid" : "4b5013f7-b275-4929-8e83-0167c6edf639",
  "SaleGuid": "c5ac2017-99cb-4b1f-a90e-142cc82b21e5",
  "Amount": "20.00"
  "VoidReason": "DEVICE_TIMEOUT"

Full voids can be performed simply by not including the Amount when calling the void route.

For more technical information on the Void routes, please reference the developer documents here.


If a transaction is voided let's say within the hour, is the authorization pending amount cleared right away from the customer's card?

Yes, we process real time voids so the cardholder should see the void immediately. Some issuing banks work differently than others - but most will post that void to the cardholder's balance immediately.