Void, Return and Cancel

We offer 3 different ways of giving money back to cardholders:

Voiding a transaction (can be a full void or partial void) prevents the authorization from being settled in the nightly batch and the money is never actually “taken” from the cardholder. If a VCC was created prior to Voiding the Sale, you should consider terminating it to prevent any unwanted charges.

Returning a transaction (can be full return or partial return) puts money back on to a credit card after the original sale transaction has already settled (batch is closed). If there is still an Active VCC with a balance, you should consider terminating it to prevent any unwanted charges.

Cancelling a transaction (can only be a full cancel - does not support partial amounts) should be used when the entire process (Sales and Purchase) needs to be stopped/reversed. For example, if the customer cancelled their trip, you could Cancel the Sale (ConnexPay system would process Void or Return based on status) and the money (Sale Amount) would be credited back to the cardholder’s card AND also the VCC would be systematically terminated. This is an efficient process when handling true customer cancellation requests where the Sale and VCC need to be managed.


Note About Cash Sales Returns

The Return endpoint should be used if you need to void/return a cash sale thus adding funds back to your cash balance. The Void and Cancel endpoints apply only to credit card sales.

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