VCC Transmission

General Overview

There are several ways you can transmit a visual representation of a VCC:
1. Email
2. Pull back a URL of the virtual card image via an API call
3. Email a a URL from the Portal

Technical Implementation

In the Purchases API, there is a Transmission object in the /IssueCard route which allows you to specify the TransmissionMethods parameter that allows you to indicate your preferred transmission option. (Email, Link).

The API documentation can be found here.


There are many use-cases for emailing VCC's (virtual credit cards). A couple examples are:

  1. Sending VCCs to suppliers (e.g. hotels) that require a card on file
  2. Sending VCCs to suppliers who don’t have the ability to process the payment electronically by the buyer

Email Process Flow

A VCC can be emailed to any email address. See details for how to implement this functionality in the “Technical Implementation” section of this document.

The email will look like this “out of the box”:


Most of the data contained in the email (above) can be customized and actually are required to be submitted in the API request if you choose to email a VCC. The “Transmission” section of the Developer API Docs site contains the full list of these parameters which can be found here.

As far as customizing the content and look and feel of the email, some slight changes can be made to the email. Some simple HTML can be included in the “Message” property of the transmission object which can change the content above the button. However, neither the button nor anything below the button can be customized.

When the recipient clicks the “See Payment Card Details” button within the email, a tab will open in their browser, displaying the VCC image (seen below). The user will not be required to login.


The content on the Virtual Card page (above) can not be customized at this time. The logo on the card can not be changed either.

Email Virtual Card from the Portal

To email the URL link from the portal at the time you create the virtual card:
CXP Portal -> Purchases -> Make Payment
Select the 'Email Card Image' checkbox and populate the transmission details form:

Link Process Flow

If you want to control the transmission of the URL; say to display in your app, include in a custom email, etc, you can request a link to the virtual card and we will return the URL for that Virtual Card image. This is done via an API call and response.

  • Choose the “Link” TransmissionMethods option in the Issue Card request

  • You will get a response field called “LinkToCard” containing the link to the Virtual Card.

You can call the Resend Transmission API endpoint if you need us to send you the link again. Links to Virtual Cards do expire. If the link has expired you can use this API endpoint to get the link again.

Developer documentation can be found here for the IssueCard endpoint (see information on the Transmission object) or here for the Resend Transmission endpoint.


Can I resend a VCC email if the recipient did not receive it?

Yes, our API has the ability to resend the VCC email. The API documentation to resend an email can be found here

If you resend a VCC email, it generates a new URL to see the VCC details and then deactivates the URL contained in the prior transmission.

Can the email be customized?

Yes, to an extent. There are standard elements that must be present in the email. However, the content and formatting of the message can be customized along with a handful of other data (ie, the subject line, reply to an email, etc.) that can be specified at the transaction level. Some simple HTML can be included in the “Message” property of the transmission object which can change the content above the button. However, neither the button nor anything below the button can be customized.

Can I change the image / logo on the VCC?

No, you cannot. When obtaining certification from card brands we go through a lengthy approval process for the card art, which includes sign off on the Logo. We are unable to modify the card art once it's been approved.

Can I change the Customer Service number on the VCC?

Yes you can. We can help you set this up. Please contact your Customer Success representative to set this up.

Can I change the background to black when I display the URL in my application?

Yes you can. The default is a white background, but if you prefer to display the image against a black background, simply add the parameter “&background=black” to the URL: