You have the ability to apply tolerance to a VCC (Virtual Credit Card). For example, if the sale amount was $500, and the flight at the time of booking is also $500, you may need/want to create the VCC for $550 to account for any fluctuations in price. When creating the VCC (calling the IssueCard route) you can indicate a tolerance (in the form of a dollar value or percent) which will be added to the VCC on the backend. The travel supplier will then be able to authorize the VCC for up to $550.

Sample IssueCard Request:

"MerchantGuid" : "41b4b6e1-03bc-45cf-9568-3da832930fb3",
"Address1":"345 Main Road",
"City":"Miami Beach",
"UsageLimit": 10,
"AmountLimit": 500,
"Tolerance": 10,
"IsTolerancePercentage": TRUE,
"ExpirationDate" : "2019-11-30",
"PurchaseType" : "01",
"IncomingTransactionCode" : "09ZZZTAS28908231800002000"

Notice in the payload above “Tolerance”:”10” and “IsTolerancePercentage”:”TRUE” indicating to add 10% to the “AmountLimit” of $500

The Supplier will be able to authorize the VCC for up to $550 (500+(500*10%).

The API response you receive back will only show the actual issued amount ($500) but the additional $50 will be available on the virtual card.

If the request includes “IsTolerancePercentage”:”False” or does not include “IsTolerancePercentage” in the payload, the “Tolerance” will be treated as an amount and not a percent.

There is a maximum tolerance value allowed which is 30%. If the request is for a tolerance (either submitted as an amount or percent) greater than 30% of the Issue Amount an error will be returned that the tolerance is greater than the maximum allowed.

Your account needs to have tolerance enabled. Please speak to your client services rep to activate this feature. If not enabled, you will receive an error message informing that tolerances are not allowed for your account.


Not all VCC transactions will settle for more than the issued amount. However, when they do, they will be seen in the Daily Data File on the “Adjustments” tab. This tab shows any settled VCC where the settled amount was greater than the Issued Amount (not including the Tolerance). For example:

IssuedAmount: $500

PurchaseAmount: $550

AdjustmentAmount: -$50

To find more information on the Daily Data File, please go here.

ConnexPay Employees can find more information here.