Self Service Funding

We provide the ability in Bridge for our clients to fund their cash account as necessary. When you attempt to deposit to your ConnexPay account, an ACH transaction is created that moves funds from the bank account we have on file for you to your ConnexPay held cash account. As part of this process we use a third party vendor to assign a risk score to all funding requests. In order to minimize our risk, if that score does not hit a certain threshold, we place the funds into a pending queue until our finance team validates receipt of the funds (typically within one business day).

If the assigned risk score meets or exceeds our risk tolerance threshold, and the amount funded does not exceed $100,000, the funds will be made available to you immediately.

A lot of things factor into the risk score and we rely on that to make intelligent risk decisions. Knowing that there could potentially be a delay in making your funds available to you, you may want to increase the amount funded to cover a longer timespan. As you become more established we can lower the threshold but this needs to be approved by our risk management and finance teams.