General Overview

We’ve added a new Cancel Route that you can call when the entire trip needs to be canceled. So the traveler/cardholder needs to be refunded from the Sale transaction and the Virtual Card needs to be terminated to prevent the travel supplier from authorizing the Virtual Card. This single API call handles both functions simultaneously. The best part is you can also use this route to replace the void route altogether.

In Summary, calling the Cancel Route:

  • Will Void the transaction if Sale is in an open batch
  • Will Return the transaction is Sale is in a closed batch
  • Can only be called when wanting to Void or Return the full Sale amount
  • Can be used for Credit or Cash payments
  • Will void the ITC and terminate the VC (preventing any new authorizations on the VC)

Think of “cancel” as a “void” for which ConnexPay handles the details of whether the batch for a credit transaction is open or closed. ConnexPay “Cash” sales (for those of you who use this feature) are not subject to batch details, but this is also handled within the cancel logic.

The intent of cancel is to be convenient for you and not create situations where ConnexPay holds your money while waiting for virtual card settlements to possibly come through. We assume no charges will be made to virtual cards created under the sale. However, because cancel can be called at any time after a sale, it is possible that ConnexPay will detect settlement activity on created virtual cards associated with the sale being canceled.

In this expected rare case the “cancel” will proceed, but ConnexPay will debit your bank account for the amount of the canceled transaction. This detail can be seen on the “Sales Returns and Voids” and “Voided ITC Purchases” tabs within the Daily Accounting File. Money will return to you according to our otherwise standard daily and residual margin payment process in this case.

Technical Overview

When the Cancel route is called, ConnexPay determines if a Void or Return needs to occur based on the status of the Sale. The API response from the Cancel call is the same as a Void and Return today (based on actually what action took place).

Additional technical content such as requests and response information can be found here.