Replaying Purchase Webhook Events

Can be used to request webhook events

We understand not all webhook events are sent and/or received so we created an endpoint to pull all Purchase webhook events tied to a given SourceGUID (unique virtual CardGUID), MerchantGUID or EventGuid (specific transaction id)

You can include the following in your request to limit the events returned:

  1. Request all events for your merchant for a specific date range
  2. Request all events for a given card guid
  3. Request all events for a given card guid for a specific date range.
  4. Request a specific event based on a token ID (if you see an event in Bridge but did not receive the webhook event for that particular event you can request to receive that specific event)

Dev Docs can be found here.


Using the Resend endpoint will return ALL webhook events that meet the input criteria. You will need to have a process to identify duplicate records that may already be in your system.

Additionally, we have released an update to the Bridge UI to allow a user to select specific transactions from their transaction data to replay.

To do this, you must reach out to your Customer Engagement Specialist to enable the "Can Replay Purchase Webhooks" user permission. Once the permission is enabled, you can go to any Purchase Details section and view the Transaction Data for that purchase.

On the Transaction Data, you will see the button for "Replay" once the permission is enabled.

When you click the "Replay" button, there will be a set of checkboxes next to all the transactions. You can elect to select all the transactions by clicking the box to the left of the column header Timestamp, or select individual transactions.

When you have made your selections, the "Submit" button will be enabled and you can click that to replay your purchase webhooks for your selection, or click "Cancel" to go back.