Issuing a Lodged Card

Lodged Cards are Virtual Cards that can be used multiple times over the course of months or years.

In certain situations, ConnexPay will allow you to issue Lodged Cards. Please talk to Client Support if you believe this is a function you need to access.

Lodged Cards will not be associated with a specific sale. You will be required to maintain a cash balance to fund lodged cards. Funds will be deducted from that cash balance whenever a lodged card settles.

When creating lodged cards, you can customize the card by providing the consumer's first and last name. You can establish security controls to limit how many times the card can be used, a maximum dollar amount that can be spent on the card, and an expiration date. Each of these parameters helps limit the risk associated with issuing lodged cards. Additionally, you can limit where the card can be used by using one or a combination of the following parameters:

  1. Purchase Type - the high-level industry where the card can be used. For example, if the purchase type is set to '04' which maps to 'Cable, Satellite, Television and Radio Services’ and an attempt is made to use the card at a gas station, the authorization will fail.
  2. MID Whitelist - Whitelisted MIDs are a supplement to Purchase Type. Utilize this parameter if you have a MID(s) where the card can be used that does not fall within the purchase type category. Or use instead of Purchase Type. (e.g. ['111', '222']) for tighter spend controls.
  3. MID Blacklist - The list of MIDs where the virtual card will always be DECLINED regardless of PurchaseType or MIDWhitelist. MIDBlacklist overrides all other specifications.

If you don't supply a PurchaseType or a MID WHITELIST or a MID BLACKLIST we will issue the virtual card, but it will not be able to be used until you update one or more of these controls.

Usage limits and amount limits can be specified by limit window. Limit window is the timeframe in which you want the limits specified to reset. Options are:

  • Daily - limits reset each day at midnight UTC
  • Weekly - limits reset each Sunday at midnight UTC
  • Monthly - limits reset at midnight UTC on the last day of the month
  • Lifetime - limits are never reset and apply to the lifetime of the card.

Find detailed developer information here.