Kount Review Queue

We can support the Review process in Kount. However, it requires an additional step to be added to your process. Below are the steps to accommodate the review process.

1. Configure Kount

You can work with your Client Success Manager to configure your Kount rules to support the Review queue and also add the VIP rule in order to bypass the Review queue when the transaction should be processed.

2. Handle and Identify “Review” in the Sales Response

When you send a Sale transaction to ConnexPay and that transaction hits the Review queue in Kount, you will see "processorStatusCode":"R" (example below - line 23)
"status":"Transaction - Declined",
"batchStatus":"Batch - Open",
   "reason":"User Outside US/CA/IN",
"processorResponseMessage":"Risk Decline",
"statementDescription":"ABC Statement Descriptor",
   "cardHolderName":"John Doe",
      "address1":"123 Test St",
      "email":"[email protected]"
If the transaction is Declined, the "processorStatusCode":"D" If the transaction is Approved, it would then show the status code of the transaction from the credit card processor. Usually "processorStatusCode":"A0000" for example. In this case the riskResponse would be Approved as well.


The “riskResponse.response” will say “Declined” and the “status” will be “Transaction - Declined” but we’re working on changing that in the upcoming release to indicate “Review” instead.

3. Handle Resubmitting the Transaction (if it passes Review) to ConnexPay

Once the Risk team reviews the transaction in Kount, and they deem it safe to accept the consumer’s card, that transaction will need to be resubmitted to ConnexPay.


When the transaction is manually approved in Kount, the transaction will need to be resubmitted to ConnexPay - that does not happen systematically between Kount’s and ConnexPay’s systems.

You will need to include a specific property in the subsequent request or the transaction will end up in the Review queue again and will not be processed. Include “[email protected]” in the “RiskData.Email” API property in your Sales request to bypass the Review queue on the subsequent request and charge the customer’s credit card.

Nothing needs to happen (in the ConnexPay system) if the Risk team does not want to proceed with the transaction.