Implementing Physical Cards

Issuing Physical Cards requires set up. Please contact your Client Success representative if you're interested in learning more.

Getting Started

Implementation Steps


Card Package

The first step in issuing physical cards is to identify the card package you wish to go with. There are two primary considerations when determining card package; timing and cost. The four options are:

  • Quick – A digitally printed card with a select number of options that can be delivered in the shortest amount of time.
  • Standard – A versatile card that offers several options for differentiation.
  • Enhanced – A card for customers who wish to differentiate through their card; provides the greatest variety of styles and finishes.
  • Metal – Metal composite and veneer cards for elite customer differentiation.

More information on card package details and timing can be found here.

Card Art

Once you've selected the package you will need to design your card art. This is trickier than you might think as both the bank and the card network needs to approve the design and they have strict specifications. We will provide you with the Card Art specifications and AI template to get you started. Receiving card art approval can be a lengthy process. We can't stress enough the importance of utilizing the AI template we will provide and having someone well versed in Adobe Illustrator complete your card design as quickly as possible.

Card Carrier Specifications

The card carrier is the packaging that will be used to mail the credit card to the recipient. You can identify your packaging preferences. We will provide options and specifications.

Complete Your API Development

You have the option to issue physical cards from Bridge or via API. API documentation can be found here.