Issue Lite

What is IssueLite?

For our lite clients, we provide the ability to issue a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) via API without the requirement to process a Sale first. This reduces the total amount of time in which a VCC is created since a Sale API Request is no longer required prior to requesting a VCC.

This functionality is also available in Bridge.

IssueLite API Call

If you have already integrated with the IssueCard endpoint, you’ll likely notice this request is very similar to that request. The major difference is the IncomingTransactionCode is not required (since that would have been in the Sale Response - which is not applicable in this new process).

Additional technical details can be found on the Issue Lite page of our Developer Portal here

Sample Request

       "MerchantGuid": "2b586234-7f14-432e-b0f4-a2935f783f38",
       "Payee": "Delta",
       "FirstName": "Adam",
       "LastName": "Smith",
       "Phone": "7411237489",
       "Address1": "345 Main Road",
       "Address2": "",
       "City": "Miami Beach",
       "State": "MI",
       "Zipcode": "33109",
       "Country": "Mexico",
       "UsageLimit": 1,
       "AmountLimit": 180,
       "ExpirationDate": "2019-12-30",
       "TerminateDate": "2020-09-19",
       "PurchaseType": "01",
       "SequenceNumber": "Sample-seq-1",
       "NonDomesticSupplier": true,
            "TransmissionMethods": ["Email", "Fax"],
            "EmailRecipient": "[email protected]",
            "MerchantPhoneNumber" : "7411237489",
            "EmailFrom": "[email protected]",
            "RecipientName": "Smith",
            "Subject": "Card Information",
            "Message": "here is your card information...",
            "DaysToExpire": 1,
            "FaxRecipient": "+55555555555",
            "FaxFrom": "Merchant Alias"

Sample Response

          "address1":"345 Main Road",
          "city":"Miami Beach",
          "terminateDate": "2021-09-19T23:59:59",
          "status":"Card - Active",
          "sequenceNumber": "Sample-seq-1"

Issuing a Virtual Card from Bridge without first creating a sale

Access Bridge, then click on "Issue Purchase" in the lower left-hand corner and select the appropriate purchase type.

Complete the form, submit and you’re on your way:

Issuing a virtual card to be fully funded at a later date

If you need to provide a virtual card to a supplier but you don't want to fully fund the card until a future date, you can populate the ActivationDate field. This will create a $1.00 live virtual card. The card will be fully funded with the AmountLimit requested on the activation date specified. DO NOT populate this parameter if you wish to fully fund the card immediately.


What if my cash balance does not contain the amount requested in this IssueLite request?

The request would be declined since there is not enough cash in the prefunded account

Do I need to switch to this new endpoint?

That’s completely up to you. Both endpoints will remain in production. If you are using our Lite program (using Cash Balance to issue VCCs) and currently send a Sale request followed by an IssueCard request, there is no reason to switch, but this is a more efficient option when all you need to do is issue the virtual card.