ISR (Intelligent Sales Routing)

We’ve built out a robust decisioning engine the can systematically determine what cards should be accepted and what VCCs should be issued in order to maximize acceptance and rebates. This page covers the acceptance (Sales) side of that decisioning. You can find details on IPR (Intelligent Purchases Routing) which is the Issuing side of that decisioning here.

Intelligent Sales Routing keeps your card acceptance costs low by indicating when we see a high-cost card. When that happens, we’ll return a special response (“Type”:”Passthrough” - see more info in the “Development Required” section below).


When “Type”:”Passthrough” is returned in the Sale request, we will not process the consumer’s credit card

How to participate

To participate, you’ll need to work with the Client Success team to discuss and evaluate options to maximize the opportunity. The Client Success team will need to implement a change in the CRM to support this.

Development required

When the Customer Success team enables this feature for you, we’ll begin returning “Type”:”Passthrough” in the Sale response. So Development will need to implement support to handle this response. When “Type”:”Passthrough” is returned in the Sale request, we will not process the credit card - allowing you to use that original credit card directly with the supplier. In the event you would like us to process the credit card regardless of what the Sales Intelligent Routing rules are setup with, you can indicate to us at a transaction level to ignore the passthrough settings. When you pass “IgnoreCoBrandRouting”:”True” in the Sale request we will not look at the Sales Intelligent Routing rules that are setup and we will process the credit card.

Bypassing ISR Rules

You can indicate on a per transaction basis to bypass the ISR check and process the sale regardless if the card is a high cost card and would be considered passthrough. To do this, in the Sales request, just include “IgnoreCoBrandRouting”:”True” to indicate this sale should be processed with the cardholder’s card regardless of Intelligent Sales Routing rules. Note - This also API property also ignores the CoBrand Routing rules which is why the API property is named this way.

ConnexPay Employees can find more information here.