Inverse Sales

Typically, a Virtual Card is issued after a Sale is processed and approved. But Inverse Sales is when a Sale is processed based on activity on a Virtual Card.

Inverse Sales are used in cases where you may not know the exact amount a Supplier will charge or exactly when a Supplier will process the payment. It also allows you to aggregate Supplier Purchases and process one Sale for all of those Purchases.

Example 1

Many times Inverse Sales are used when Lodged Cards have been issued. Let's say you provide your customers a Lodged Card in your App to use for certain Purchases and want to charge the Consumer's Credit Card on a weekly basis for the sum of Purchases during that week.

Steps to achieve this integration:

  1. Issue Lodged Card

  2. Track Purchase Activity by either:

    Subscribing to Webhook Events (specifically Purchase events) or,

    Using the Purchase Settlement reports

  3. Process Sales