Integration Milestones

Milestones track progress towards a successful integration with CXP and represent specific progress points on the development and implementation timeline.

Milestone 1: Solution Design

Using the Integration Guide and API specifications (XLS and online) determine which endpoints and parameters are required to mitigate fraud (risk), submit sales, request virtual cards, reconcile activity and research transactions. Utilize the API specification in Microsoft XLS format to identify and document specific parameters for the integration. Depending upon parameters selected, CXP may need to facilitate minor environment configuration.

Milestone 2: Access Sandbox & Obtain Authentication Token

Using credentials provided by CXP call the ‘/token’ endpoint to obtain an applicable authentication token. The resulting token must be used on subsequent API calls.

Milestone 3: Complete Sale API and Purchase API Integration

Collect relevant information as defined in the API documentation. Post collected information to the CXP ‘/sale’ endpoint to obtain a risk score and approve or decline status. Providing supplemental information improves the accuracy of the risk score.

Milestone 4: Solution Validation

Upon completion of internal testing, work with the implementation team to verify the connection and data are properly formatted resulting in the appropriate response from the application. Upon successful completion of this process, clients may move into production. See Solution Validation Scenarios for more information.

Milestone 5: Production Validation

Upon completion of the validation process, clients receive credentials for the production environment. CXP encourages clients to perform basic “Production Validations” for various scenarios through the first 2-3 days in production to verify the proper flow of transactional information between the multiple platforms. Upon completion of these tests, the client may ramp activity into the production environment.

Milestone 6: Risk Management Platform Configuration (Kount)

CXP clients are automatically setup with a Default Rules Set in the Risk Management Platform. The implementation team will work clients to guide through the customization of a Risk Management profile and rules to match operational requirements. The customization process includes rules selection, rule parameters configuration, definition of User Defined Fields, and Whitelists and VIP lists.

Milestone 7: Training

The implementation team will schedule training for the personnel who will use the system or be recipients of reports. Ideally, this training is done concurrently with the Solution Validation Scenarios in Milestone 3. Customers will be provided reference materials such as guides, training videos, and additional documentation.

Milestone 8: Risk Management Calibration

In the first 6 weeks of being in production, the implementation team will work with clients to evaluate the transaction data and fine tune the risk platform settings to meet the customer’s requirements.

Milestone 9: Maintenance

CXP Account Management will monitor performance, make periodic recommendations, and be available for consultation as needed.