Getting Started

API Overview

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to access all functionality of our platform.

All endpoints for the API are available in our sandbox. We provide code samples in different programming languages and are happy to assist you in any way with your integration.

The most current API structure and endpoints are available in the CXP Online API Documentation found here.

At a minimum, the following API’s must be integrated:

Sales API

Detailed Developer Documentation can be found here.

TokenThis endpoint creates a sysadmin token. A token must be used in the header request for every transaction.
DeviceThis endpoint gets all devices
SaleThe Sale transaction is used to perform risk analysis and charge a credit card. Performing a Sale transaction authorizes a credit card which will settle at a designated time each day.
CancelThe Cancel transaction can be called when the entire trip needs to be cancelled; the traveler/cardholder needs to be refunded and the Virtual Card needs to be terminated to prevent the travel supplier from authorizing the Virtual Card. This single API call handles both functions simultaneously.
VoidVoid transactions void a sale that has not yet been settled or is an authorization only transaction. You can create a void, retrieve a specific void or retrieve a listing of all voids via the API.
ReturnReturn transactions should be used when you need to refund either a partial or the full amount of a sale that has been settled. The return amount can differ from the total amount originally charged in the sale.
VerifyThis route is used when you want to find out if the card data is valid. No money is moved via a verify transaction.
SearchWhen you need to search for a sale, void, return or verify transaction you will utilize the search endpoints.

A list of Declined Response codes can be found here.

Purchases API

Detailed Developer Documentation can be found here.

Issue CardThis endpoint creates a Virtual Card
Update CardWhen a virtual card is first created via the Issue Card route, the purchase type in that request dictates what Merchant Category Code (MCC) should be applied. This restricts Virtual Cards from being used at merchants other than those deemed acceptable (i.e. non-travel related merchants).

The Update Card endpoint is used to update the MCC if necessary.
Terminate CardThis endpoint terminates a virtual card.
Search SettlementsThis endpoint searches for virtual card settlements.