CXP has two environments available to clients: Sandbox and Production. Initial integration and the testing of new functionality are performed in the Sandbox environment. New clients may only access and be given credentials to the Production environment after successful Solution Validation in the Sandbox environment.

The Sandbox environment is not engineered to support load testing; it is designed to verify connectivity and proper data submission. Some features such as multiple card numbers, batch settlement, and reconciliation are not available in the Sandbox environment.

In addition to CXP environments, CXP partners also offer access to their applications to support activity, below is a summary of all environments and applications.

Application & EnvironmentAdditional Information

Environment supports initial integration and future enhancements to original integration. Access to environment is secured by user name and password.

Developers facilitating integration for the first time receive a set of Postman Scripts containing a user name, password, merchant ID (MID), device ID, and URLs. Note: API integrations support a single connection (user name/password) per MID.

Environment supports live transaction processing. Upon successful Solution Validation of initial integration clients receive a new user name, password, merchant id, device id, and URLs.
CXP Portal

Web-based tool that allows designated individuals to submit, view and manage transaction activity.
Kount Web Console

(Test & Production)
Web-based tool provided by CXP partner Kount to view, configure and manage transactions and mitigate fraud. Access to the system is user name and password.
TSYS Merlink

(Production Only)
Web-based tool provided by CXP partner TSYS to view and respond to card brand copy requests (retrievals) and disputes (chargebacks.) Access to environment is secured by user name, password, and approved/whitelisted IPs.

Environment Credentials
The CXP implementation team coordinates and provides access to appropriate environments to applicable individuals within the client organization through a User Access Form. Credentials are securely communicated to users via email.