Delayed Activation

The “typical” path in a ConnexPay sale is to create the sale and authorize the consumer's payment immediately. For times when you need to create a sale but delay charging the consumer's card and fully funding the virtual card, you can utilize the Delayed Activation feature. For example, if you want to give your customer the opportunity to reserve a hotel room in advance but don’t want their credit card charged until their hotel stay, you will want to utilize this feature.

Approved ConnexPay clients can delay charging a consumer card or debiting a clients cash ledger on the sale-side of the ConnexPay system with a single additional parameter included in the Sale request:

"ActivationDate": "9/02/2020",

You can find more information here.

If this parameter is not included, the sale will process as usual.

When you mark a sale with an “ActivationDate” in the future

  • We hold off on charging the consumer card (or debiting your cash ledger) until Activation day
    • All virtual cards created under the sale will have an authorization limit of $1 until the sale is activated
      • The card(s) can be submitted to go on-file at a hotel in the example above, but any auth over $1 will fail.
  • On “Activation Day” (morning)…
    • The consumer’s card on file with ConnexPay is run as a typical sale (Fraud check and Auth) OR…
    • Your cash ledger is debited the sale amount.
    • The virtual card authorization limit is bumped-up to the intended amount

A Sale can be canceled at any point between creation and activation date

In the event you cancel the sale, there will be no charge to the consumer’s credit card. This is akin to a same-day VOID on a sale, although a consumer would not even see an auth attempt on their card. In this scenario,

  • The sale will be voided
  • All Virtual cards under the sale are terminated (immediately expired)

Sale and Virtual Card Adjustments Between Creation and Activation Date

We know there may be times where you need to adjust either the sale amount or the activation date of a sale. To make these changes:

  • Call the “UpdateFutureSale” endpoint (see below) with a NEW Sale amount, activation date, or both.
  • THEN call the “UpdateDelayedActivationVC” endpoint to bump up the card on file to the new auth limit.

Both steps are required, in that order so that we always have a sale that fully backs the value of the virtual cards that will “go live” on the activation date with the correct issued amount.


Changes can be made as many times as desired between the creation date and activation date

Update the sale amount and/or activation date:
    "DeviceGuid": "{{Device}}",
    "SaleGuid": "{{SaleGuid}}",
    "ActivationDate": "11/01/2020",

Update any virtual cards funded:{{CardGuid}}
    "ReloadAmount": 400

If you don’t have a specific activation date at the time of creating the sale, you can indicate any day in the next 365 days and come back later and ACTIVATE with a simple PUT:


Delayed Activation Sales via the Portal

Delayed Activation Sales can be created via the CXP Portal. To do this, create your cash or credit sale as usual (Sales → Run Transactions → Credit Sale or Cash Sale)

When you key the sale, you will see a toggle to turn Delay Sale Activation ON or OFF:

When toggled ON, you will be required to input an Activation Date:

From there, complete the sale as usual.


Does this work for both cash and credit?

Yes, for both

Does the Fraud check still occur and if so, at what step in the process?

Yes, the fraud check does still occur. The fraud check happens on the activation date. The card will be verified at the time the sale is created but not authorized or passed through Kount.

Can I change the payment method before the sale is activated

Not currently. If you need to provide updated payment information you will need to cancel the original sale and create a new delayed activation sale and issue a new virtual card.