Daily Reconciliation Reports

Because all your incoming and outgoing transactions are housed together at ConnexPay, we can provide reporting that helps you tie it all together. When it comes to daily reconciliation, this can be extremely useful. We have a variety of reports available to you but in terms of reconciliation, we provide the following reports:

DAF (Daily Accounting File)

This is an emailed report of your Daily Funding that is sent out each morning (business days only). More details on this file can be found here.

DAR (Daily Accounting Report)

This report is identical to the DAF (Daily Accounting File) mentioned above. However, this report is found in Analytics so it is dynamic (can filter and search on dates). See this page for instructions on how to access Analytics. Since the DAF and the DAR are essentially the same reports, the details of both reports are documented on the same page which can be found here.

Cash Balance Report

The Cash Balance Report provides a detailed look at all transactions that impact your Cash Balance at ConnexPay.