Cash Balance Report

The Cash Balance Report provides a detailed look at all transactions that impact your Cash Balance at ConnexPay. You can access this report from Purchases → Reports → Cash Balance:

For each transaction that impacts your cash balance, we assign a transaction type.

  • Deposit - ACH funds transfer from your bank account to ConnexPay. Used to fund your transactions.
  • Withdrawal - Debit from your ConnexPay cash account and an ACH transfer to your bank account. This transfer of funds to you is for the non-Daily Accounting funds movement.
  • Sale - When a successful sale transaction completes, the funds are added to your cash balance
  • Return - When a sale return is processed, the funds are deducted from your cash balance
  • Daily Funding - This transaction type refers to money movement that ties back to the Daily Accounting files you receive each morning (see more information here).

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