Card Brand and Card Class Options

Not applicable for clients who utilize our IPR logic to guarantee the best interchange


ConnexPay offers the ability for customers to send the Card Brand and Card Class when issuing a virtual card. This is available in both the API and Bridge Portal. You will need to let your Implementation Specialist know that you want to use this functionality so it can be enabled.

We recommend that our clients use our Intelligent Purchases Routing to maximize card acceptance. See more information here. However, we understand there are situations where you may have specific reasons to better control what card brand and class you issue. We provide the following options:

Card BrandCard Class
MastercardCommercial Credit
MastercardConsumer Credit
VisaPrepaid Commercial
VisaCommercial Credit

At a high level commercial cards are the type of cards that are typically issued to and used by businesses. Consumer cards are mostly issued to and used by consumers (non businesses). Some suppliers do not like to accept certain types of cards. In an answer to that, ConnexPay can offer our clients all four card classes. We try to always issue the type of card that will provide our client with the best rebate, but in cases where suppliers won't accept a certain card class, we have other card class options to use.

You can send in both parameters, or just send in one and not the other.