Auth and Capture


The Auth and Capture Endpoints are applicable to both US and EU Acquiring Merchants.

ConnexPay’s API has the ability to process Auths and Captures separately. It is only supported in the API at this point.

Use Case

There are two common use cases to use this functionality vs a traditional Sale transaction:

  • When you typically void a higher percentage of Sales than you process
  • When there is a good chance the Sale will be canceled

General Rules

  • If an Auth is not captured, you will not be paid nor will the cardholder be charged.
  • An ITC (needed to create a VCC) will not be returned in the Auth API response - only in the Capture API response.
  • If an Auth sits longer than 5 days without being Captured, you will get an error when attempting to Capture it. This is to minimize the chargeback exposure which generally increases when cards are captured too long after the original authorization.
  • You can only capture the original amount that was authorized. If the captured amount needs to be for a different amount, you’ll need to void the Authorization and run a new Sale or another Auth + Capture.
  • When a Capture is voided, it also voids the Authorization.
  • Partial Voids are not allowable after a Capture occurs.
  • Returns/Partial Returns can only occur for a captured transaction that has been settled. This would occur using the Return API endpoint.


Auth details can be found here.
Capture details can be found here.

Return details can be found here.

ConnexPay employees can find more information here.