3D Secure Sales


This page describes 3D Secure Sales, but just as an FYI, ConnexPay’s VCCs are exempt from 3D Secure requirements. That means when a client sends our VCC to a Supplier in a country that requires 3D Secure (such as Europe) our VCC can still be accepted. The 3D Secure vendor will recognize the VCC is exempt and allow the VCC to be processed.

ConnexPay has the ability to ingest the 3DSecure data elements after they are sent and received back from a 3DSecure vendor during the transaction process. When the 3DSecure data elements are received, they must be passed in the Sales API. Those data elements then get passed to the Issuer in the Authorization request.

3DSecure implementations with 3DSecure vendors is relatively short and easy with average integrations taking 1-2 days.

Recommended 3D Secure Vendors

Cardinal Commerce - Merchants

PAAY - EMV 3DS | PAAY | Payment Authentication

3D Secure Payment Process Flow

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