September 23, 2021 - v3.19.00

This document contains highlights of the changes/enhancements made in release version 3.19.00.

Added the Concept of MID White/Blacklisting to ConnexPay Virtual Cards

'Til now you've had the ability to control where your virtual cards can be used based on purchase type (i.e. Purchase type '01' in your issue card request indicates the card can only be used at Airlines). As an additional layer of protection, in this release we introduced the concept of whitelisting or blacklisting specific MID's if you want to control spend at a more finite level.

What is a MID?
A MID (Merchant Identification Number) is a unique, numerical code that each credit card acquirer assigns to merchants once they successfully open their merchant account. The MID identifies a merchant to their acquirer.

Whitelisted MIDs
Whitelisted MIDs are a supplement to Purchase Type. Use this parameter if you have a MID(s) where the card can be used that does not fall within the purchase type category. Or use instead of Purchase Type. (eg. ['111', '222']). For example, if you want to use the card at all MIDs that fall within the Advertising purchase type AND a marketing firm you work with, you would include the Purchase Type of '21' to indicate the card can be used at any supplier who is categorized as 'Advertising Services'. You would also include the specific MID for the marketing firm in the MID Whitelist parameter.

Blacklisted MIDs
Blacklisting a MID or an array of MIDs does just that, it indicates those MIDs should be blacklisted and any authoriztion attempts at a supplier with that specific MID will be declined. This is a rare use case but does provide more control of the card spend. Blacklisting overrides everything else. Cards will be declined at that MID regardless of PurchaseType or MIDWhitelist.

Developer documentation can be found here.

Modifications to our Virtual Card Transmission to Make the Image iFrame Ready

We made some tweaks to the Virtual Card transmission process so that it would be easy for you to embed the virtual card image into your own web page.

  1. We removed the Title at the top of the page
  2. We added the ability to display the image against a black background

So - when you request that the image be sent back to you as a link, all you'll see when you access the link is the virtual card image. You can customize that URL to display the image against a black background by adding a parameter to the URL ( “&background:black”).

More information on Virtual Card Transmission can be found here.

Added Available Card Balance to the Virtual Card (Purchase) Webhook Auth Events

Several of you have asked for this one. If you're a subscriber to our purchasing Webhook events, you will now see the virtual card remaining balance included in all authorization events. More information can be found here.