October 7, 2021 - v3.20.00

Modified the Search Settlements API Endpoint to add the Ability to Search by Settlement Post Date

Up until now the Search Settlements API only allowed you to see settled virtual cards based on the card issuance date. We had some requests to also provide the ability to search by settlement post date. So this endpoint now lets you do either or combine the two. Developer details can be found here.

Enhancements to our Sandbox Environment to let you Simulate Authorizing and Voiding Virtual Cards

For those of you still in the implementation stage with ConnexPay, we added the ability to simulate authorizing and voiding virtual cards in the Sandbox environment so you can test Webhooks and transaction history. We will need to work with you to get you set up to do this but just wanted to let you know the functionality is now out there. Please work with Mallory or Mike to get up and running.