October 19, 2022 - v4.20.00

Here's a Comprehensive list of the Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes for this release

  • We added a "Show" icon to the Sales and Purchase grid in Bridge to give you a shortcut to purchase transaction details for a specific virtual card without being required to drill into the purchase from the sales and purchases grid.
  • We added ACH purchases to the Bridge Outstanding Authorizations report page for those of you who process ACH purchases through ConnexPay. ACH Purchases impact your Available to Authorize until the ACH amount is included in your daily accounting file. Previously these purchases were not displaying, causing the total outstanding authorization amount to look like it didn't tie out to the transactions that calculate into the total.
  • We improved the daily job that produces your daily accounting files in an attempt to expedite getting them out to you each morning.
  • We created a new transaction events report so that you can see your purchase transaction events without clicking through cards one-at-a-time in Bridge. This report can be found in Analytics under the 'Purchases' menu.