May 3, 2023 v5.09.00

Please review below for the enhancements made during this week's release.

  • We have enhanced Bridge to support the Google Places API so that entering addresses is more efficient.
  • We have enhanced the Bridge Risk Information to auto-populate the Product Description field using the contents of the Product Type field when creating a sale.
  • We have enhanced the Purchase form to auto-populate the Order Number, Association ID, City, State and Country when a purchase is created directly from a credit card sale. ACH purchases will auto-populate the Email Address, Association ID and Phone Number. These fields will remain editable.
  • We have added the following parameters to the VCC Decisioning Payload:
    • amountTransaction
    • currencyCodeTransaction
    • authType
    • retrievalReferenceNumber
    • AVS
    • CVV
  • We have updated Bridge to display ACH returns for reconciliation purposes.
  • We have enhanced the Bridge Sales and Purchases Grid to add the ability to filter by Supplier ID.
  • We have updated the Chargeback Details report within Analytics.