May 10, 2022 - v4.09.00

Here's a Comprehensive list of the Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes for this release (see below for details on each)

  • We added Association ID to the Sales and Purchases forms in Bridge so you can attach an association ID to either. Association ID's are a relatively new concept for us. They allow you to add a unique reference ID to both a sale and a purchase so that you can tie the two together in Analytics.
  • We added the cardholder address in Bridge
  • We enhanced Bridge to pre-populate the Purchase form based on the information you added to the sale form so you won't need to re-key information that does not change between the sale and purchase.
  • We rolled out a new version of the Transaction Lifecycle Report that better aligns with our new Flex Funding Model

All the Details:

Added Association ID to Sales and Purchases Forms:

For those of you who have been with us a while, you know that our original business model was to assume that we would handle both your acquiring and your issuing (in that order) which made it easy for us to tie sales to purchases. As we've grown, we've found that you don't always tie sales and purchases together in that traditional manner. For those of you who utilize our Issue Lite Endpoints to create your purchases (so you create them separately from the acquired sale), it's a little more difficult to tie your purchase to either an existing sale, or a sale "yet to be created". You've always had the ability to add a unique order number to your sale, and recently to your purchase. That's one way to tie the two. But based on your feedback, we realized there may be times you need to associate sales to purchases but, for whatever reason, can't use the order number for that association. To solve for this, we recently introduced the concept of an "Association ID" to the Sales and Purchases endpoints. This is another way to uniquely identify what sales belong with what purchases without having to utilize order number. In this release, we added the Association ID field to the Bridge forms so you can include this unique identifier when creating sales and purchases in Bridge. We've also added the Association ID to the Transaction Lifecycle report so you can pull a list of all sales and purchases that are related by this identifier.

Added Cardholder address to the Additional Details modal in Bridge

If you provide an address with your Purchase request, you can now see the address information on the Purchase Details page in Bridge. The information is included in the "Additional Details" modal.


Enhanced Bridge to pre-populate the Purchase Form

If you utilize Bridge to create credit card sales, then issue a virtual card or ACH purchase we've made it easier to complete the process. We now pre-populate the Purchase form based on information you provided on the Sale. You can overwrite any of the information as needed.

Rolled out a new version of the Transaction Lifecycle Report that better aligns with our new Flex Funding Model

We made some enhancements to the Transaction Lifecycle report that we think will make it a more valuable tool for you. The report still includes the entire lifecycle of your sale/purchase but provides some different ways to group the data. You will now see a new filter option called "Linkage Type"


The available linkage type options are:
Order Number
Association ID

ITC - For those of you who process transactions in the original Pro model (create the credit sale then issue the virtual card or ACH payment from that sale), you will want to group by ITC (stand for incoming transaction code and is a ConnexPay unique identifier that associates a sale to a purchase in the Pro model.

Order Number - For those of you who associate sales to purchases utilizing an Order Number, you'll choose this option to do that grouping.

Association ID - See the previous explanation of Association ID and how that works.

We also added a new Filter of "Linkage Value". This allows you to filter by a specific ITC, Order Number or Association ID if you want to find a specific sale/purchase. And a new filter labelled "Selection View". This filter allows you to search for everything or narrow it down to one of the following:

Sales with Purchases
Sales without Purchases
Purchases without Sales

In addition to these new filters, we also created the concept of summary and detail information in the report. When you run the report, you will see three grids of data returned. The top grid is rolled up information that provides one line per Sale/Purchase, regardless of how many settlements occurred. This differs a bit from the old version of the report that provided multiple rows of data on a given sale if there were multiple purchases associated with the sale. We still provide the line item detail for each sale/purchase (in the next two grids) if you want to see everything broken down. We just thought there might be times you just want to see your data rolled up at the ITC, Order Number or Association ID level.

An finally, we added some new information to the report so you can see information like net sales, net purchases and sales margins at a rolled up, per order level. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.