March 8, 2023 v5.05.00

Please review below for the enhancements made during this week's release.

  • The Account Settings notification section of Bridge has been updated to display amounts in the client’s accounting currency.
  • The Purchase history in Bridge has been updated to display the timestamps in the user's local time.
  • Per the alert included in our February 22, 2023 release, the Daily Accounting file emailed to you each morning will display all date/time values in UTC.
  • For those of you who use Analytics, we have modified our Chargeback Detail Report to align with the emailed version of the report.
  • We have added a direct link to information related to ATI and ATA within Bridge. When accessing the report, you can click on the information symbol next to the header for Available to Authorize or Available to Issue. This will open a page stored in CXPHelp that provides additional information.
  • For those of you that are using ACH within Bridge, the decline reason is now displayed when hovering over a declined ACH transaction.