March 22, 2023 v5.06.00

Please review below for the enhancements made during this week's release.

  • A new VCC Purchase/Returns settlement report has been created within Analytics.
  • A new optional feature has been added to the Flex Daily Accounting Details within Analytics. The new option provides the Transaction ID (Token) and Transaction Timestamp (UTC) for detail records with the description: Purchase - Virtual Card Purchase and Purchase - Virtual Card Return. This feature is off by default but can be enabled by changing the new Token option selection to: Yes.
  • Optional information related to billing and risk data has been incorporated into the SDK, including billing address, city, state, country and zip. This information will become mandatory at a future date so clients currently using the SDK should plan to make these changes. Additional details will be provided prior to the fields becoming mandatory.
  • Our Bridge Announcements grid has been updated so that previous announcements can also be viewed.
  • Admin users within Bridge can now update optional fields so that they become required fields.
  • A User Permission for Admins to the Bridge UI and Bridge API will grant access to the DAF reports via API.