June 30, 2022 - v4.12.00

Here's a Comprehensive list of the Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes for this release

  • We added a new "Outstanding Liability on Active Cards" report in Bridge so that you can identify all outstanding virtual cards and their amounts.

  • We updated the available balance on terminated cards in Bridge to be $0. Previously the remaining amount on the card is what was displaying and that wasn’t a true representation given that once a card is terminated the cards available balance is set to zero.
  • We updated the Purchase Webhook events to include authorization currency code and authorized amount in the currency in which it was authorized.
  • We added card acceptor country to the Authorization webhook events
  • We cleaned up the Purchase History section beneath purchase details:
    • Timestamps now reflect the browser time zone you're in
    • We resolved a small bug that was causing card termination dates to display incorrectly
    • We resolved an issue where the available balance in the Purchase History was incorrect
  • We added an information pop-up to the Cash Balance report in Bridge to describe what the various ledger entry types are.