June 16, 2022 - v4.11.00

Enhancements to Bridge Response Times

Over the course of the past few weeks we've made some great strides in enhancements to our Bridge environment. As many of you know, we had a brief outage on the morning of 6/4 when we brought our servers down in order to roll these enhancements into production. We hope you've seen the increased speed in response times in Bridge!

Other Release Highlights

In addition to those improvements, we've also implemented the following changes over the past two weeks:

  • We made improvements to Bridge that we’re hopeful will resolve the issue where users were occasionally needing to clear their cache.
  • Enhanced Bridge so you can click on a declined credit card sale in the Sales and Purchases grid and be able to drill in to see Sales details.
  • For those of you who process ACH purchases, you can now include a short statement descriptor that will be included on the bank account holders statement. Banks only allow 10 characters and not all banks support this feature - but for those who do, we will pass the information along, as long as you include it in your request.
  • In this release we rolled out new functionality to allow you to fund your cash account with ConnexPay within Bridge. You'll be hearing more about this from your Customer Success representative in the upcoming weeks.