July 15, 2021 - v3.14.00

This document contains highlights of the changes/enhancements made in release version 3.14.00.

FOS Clients - You'll See a New Column in Your Daily Accounting File

We've had several requests to add ticket number to the Daily Accounting file you receive from us. We've added this to the end of several of the detail tabs in the Analytics versions of the reports. Next week we will add the column to your emailed reports.

Modifications to our Hosted Payments Page Token Request API

Previously if you utilized our Hosted Payments Page (HPP) you did not need to specify which payment options your customer would see; they automatically saw both Google Pay and Credit/Debit. As we prepare to roll out ACH as a new payment option, but understanding not everyone will make that option available to their customers, we've added logic to the HPP allowing you to indicate which payment types to make available. Details can be found here. If you don't indicate anything, only the credit card option will be made available.

Chargeback Management System Daily Email Alert

We implemented new functionality to allow you to receive daily email alerts from our Chargeback Management system based on which chargeback types you want to be alerted on. Your Client Support rep can help get you set up with this functionality.