July 1, 2021 - v3.13.00

This document contains highlights of the changes/enhancements made in release version 3.13.00.

VCC Addendum API Endpoint

For those of you who issue virtual cards without creating an associated sale but later need to tie an existing sale to that virtual card, we've added functionality to our VCC Addendum endpoint to accomplish this. The VCC Addendum API is a freeform utility we provide that allows you to associate any information to a virtual card. Many of you have been using it to assign a PNR or ticket number to a virtual card after the card has been issued. The enhancement going in this release is to provide an addendum category specifically to tie a sale or sales (you'll need to have order numbers on your sales) to a virtual card. Specifics can be found here.

Added Order Number and Customer ID to the CAPTURE API

For those of you who attempt to authorize a consumer's card prior to completing the sale, using the 'AUTH' only API we recognize you don't always know the order number or client ID at the time you run the Auth. By the time you run the 'CAPTURE' route you have the Order number or customer ID but we don't give you a way to include those parameters. In this release we've added those two fields to the CAPTURE route.

NOTE: Providing an order number or a customer ID in this request will overwrite those fields if they were provided in the AUTH request.

Specific API documentation can be found here.

Further Enhancements to our Webhook Functionality

We've enhanced our Webhook functionality to include additional Sales and Purchases endpoints. Please see detailed documentation here for more information.

Modifications to the Daily Accounting File

As we prepare to roll out ACH for sales and purchases, we needed to tweak the Daily Accounting File to distinguish tender type.

  • You'll see a new column on the Daily Margin tab labelled "Purchase Tender Type" that will distinguish between VCC and ACH.
  • On the Sales Returns tab we renamed the "Card Number" column to "Acct Number". For ACH sales we will display the last four of the bank account number.
  • On the Purchase Returns tab we changed the label of the existing "Tender Type" column to "Sale Tender Type" to distinguish better between sales and purchases and we added a new "Purchase Tender Type" column to distinguish between VCC and ACH. We also renamed the "Card Number" column label to "Account Number"
  • On the Adjustments tab we changed the label of the existing ‘Tender Type’ column to ‘Sale Tender Type’ and added a new column labeled ‘Purchase Tender Type’ and we renamed the "Issued Card" column label to "Account Number".

NOTE: We aren't quite live with ACH capability yet but wanted these reporting changes in place as we get close to rolling out the functionality.