January 25, 2023 v5.02.00

Here are some new enhancements we just released.

  • The purchase transaction data has relocated to just below the card image. This removes the need to click on the card to see the transactions, along with adding additional screen real estate to add more data.
  • Updated the Daily Accounting File (DAF) with data that is editable in Bridge. For example, the following fields will be able to be edited for users with permission in Bridge on VCCs and Lodged cards and will need to be updated on the DAF if edited in Bridge: Card Holder First and Last Name.
  • As we expand globally and add new currencies, we need to ensure our systems display the proper currency. Going forward, you will see USD, CAD, EUR and GBP throughout Bridge, when applicable.
  • Within Analytics, we corrected logic behind the Purchases comparison dashboard within the Accounting Overview dashboard to provide accurate information.