February 8, 2023 v5.03.00

In this release, we made the following enhancements

  • For our Available to Issue (ATI) clients, we created the ability for you to set up your own notifications to inform you when your available to issue amount falls beneath a certain threshold (one that you define). Access by logging into Bridge and selecting the Account Settings gear in the upper right hand corner. Within Account Settings, select the Notifications option.
  • We've removed Cash Sales from Bridge. For those of you who call our Issue Lite or Issue lodged Card API to create virtual cards or ACH payments, you saw a cash sale automatically created for each purchase issued. These cash sales served no purpose and tended to cause some confusion. We've removed them for the Sales and Purchases page to clean things up a bit and make Bridge easier to navigate. This was an updat to Bridge only and does not require any API changes to be made on your end.
  • For those of you who subscribe to purchase event webhooks, we have developed an API that allows you to request past webhook events. Information can be found here.