December 14, 2022 - v4.24.00

Here are some new enhancements we just released.

We created a new Purchase API called "Available Funds" with the ConnexPayMerchantGuid in the URL.

This API returns the current values for the following fields:

  • Cash Balance
  • Minimum Cash Balance
  • Reserve Deposit
  • Sales Allowance
  • Overage
  • Outstanding Authorizations for Available to Authorize (ATA) clients
  • Outstanding Liability for Available to Issue (ATI) clients
  • Total ATA or ATI

Here is a link to the API documentation: Available Funds

Additionally, we updated the Outstanding Authorization report for ATA users.

  • We changed the column Authorization Amount to be called Outstanding Authorization Amount within the report and export
  • We also updated the information tooltip to give a clearer description of the values presented in the column