April 21, 2021 - v3.08.00

This document contains highlights of the changes made in release version 3.08.00

Updated the IssueCard and IssueLite endpoints with new country code requirements

Historically you’ve been able to provide country codes of 2-40 alpha or numeric characters. We needed to make some changes to this to enforce valid country codes so will now only allow ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes.

For more information on IssueCard and IssueLite see developer docs here.

Added a New Transmission Type to the IssueCard/Resend Transmission Endpoint

For those of you who choose to transmit virtual card information, previously you’ve only been able to send the link via Email or FAX. With this release, you are now able to specify a transmission type of ‘Link’ which will provide the Virtual Credit Card link back to you in the response.

For more information on VCC Transmission, please see here or here.

Added a New Column to the Transaction Lifecycle Report

We’ve added a new Virtual Card Cardholder name column to the Transaction Lifecycle based on feedback from some of you.